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Use Hypnosis to Get Your Weight Under Control

Why not use hypnosis to get your weight under control in 2019?  Many clients who choose to opt for hypnotherapy to ditch the unwanted fat have often tried many fad diets, pills, potions … and failed.  Obesity and over eating are now widespread and this causes huge...

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Sheffield Residents find Hypnosis Highly Effective

Sheffield residents find hypnosis highly effective for overcoming many different problems it seems. After opening my hypnotherapy practice in the Sheffield area back in 2006, I was surprised by how many clients I saw with anxiety problems, far more than I expected.  A...

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Effective Therapy for Treating PTSD

Therapy for treating PTSD can be highly effective, allowing people to feel free from the symptoms of a traumatic event(s).  In this article I am discussing therapy to help with treating PTSD due to isolated traumatic events and not complex forms of PTSD. Many of us...

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Stress Makes You Gain Weight

Stress makes you gain weight.  Cortisol is a particular culprit. Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands and does a useful job regulating blood pressure and strengthening the immune system at times of stress. The problem is when we have too much stress too often,...

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Healthy Eating Tips for Business Travel

A lot of my clients travel on business and this can throw their healthy lifestyle and eating plans out of the window (the train window, onto the motorway, the plane . . . no, let’s not go there!) I talk tough with these people. It might be difficult but it is not...

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Do You Eat Enough to Lose Weight

Has it ever occurred to you that you do not eat enough to lose weight?  Many people who have problems with food and weight problems do not eat enough, and that sounds surprising doesn’t it? They are eating enough junk food, that’s for sure, but not enough proper,...

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Increasing Self Confidence

Increasing low self confidence and self esteem is something that many people feel would benefit their day to day lives.  It's only natural for our confidence levels to wax and wane through the course of our lifetime, but sometimes certain situations cause our...

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Self Hypnosis to Help With Your Weight Loss Journey

Self hypnosis is a great way to help you with your weight loss journey.  It's easy to learn so why not teach yourself. It’s simple, and it can transform how you think and feel. Being relaxed and focused on your goal can work wonders. The technique of self hypnosis...

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Effective Treatment for Social Anxiety

Therapy for Social Anxiety Problems Symptoms and Problems  One of the most common forms of anxiety conditions I treat is social anxiety. This can affect anyone at any time, causing problems with everyday situations, from going shopping to talking to people over the...

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Obesity and Your Health

Obesity and Ill health has been talked about in the media for a long time, but have you truly considered the damage your excess weight is doing to your health?  In this article I want to help you recognise some of the risks associated with obesity. The problems with...

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Change Your Story About Your Weight

Hello, my aim is to help you change our story about your weight.  I hope you are ready to confront some of the myths, personal beliefs and stories which you might tell yourself about your weight. Often these myths have a family history – perhaps you tell yourself that...

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Wellbeing after Hypnotherapy has Ended

Carry on looking after yourself Looking after your wellbeing after we have ended our hypnotherapy sessions is very important.  Usually I see clients for between 2 and 6 sessions, but this very much depends on how quickly progress is made and what brought them to see...

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