7 easy to ways to lift your mood gives you some ideas for new things you can do to break your routine and help you feel better straightaway. If you are feeling stressed and down, it’s easy to get into a cycle where you end up believing that nothing will ever get any better. Often you can end up feeling completely overwhelmed. You might end up dwelling on the big life changes which you may need to make and feeling that it is just impossible. So big things seem impossible and you end up not even doing little things.

Here is a simple way of breaking that cycle. And it’s fun (I often do it just for the fun of it).

What I’m suggesting that you do is make some little changes. They can be absolutely tiny and it will make a difference.

Choose just one of these every few days. Any at all in no particular order. Do whatever you fancy or add any new ones you want. Let me know about any good new ones which work for you.

Buy new clothes

Treat yourself to a colour or style you wouldn’t usually wear.  You might be surprised at just how much it suits you and how good it makes you feel.

Change your route and routine

Do you go to work the same way every day? Change your route. Then change where you fill up the car and the supermarket you go to. Then alter the way you take the kids to school. Any routine which you can change, change it. Give it a go!

Read a new book

If you read a lot, choose something which you would NEVER DREAM of picking up. If you like it, tell other people about it.  If you enjoy reading but haven’t done so for a while, get a new book and set aside some ‘me time’ to read it.

Get active in your community

Support a local cause or do something for a local charity.  Doing things for the welfare of other people makes us feel good.  It stops us being too focused inwardly on ourselves and instead focuses our attention outwardly which, lifts your mood. And you will be helping others.

Lifelong learning

Learn a new skill. It doesn’t matter what, but choose something you have always wanted to do if you can. Getting out and taking a class at your local college will help you meet other people. But if you can’t manage that, then take on online course.

TV Heaven

If you watch TV (and most of us do), get the schedules at the beginning of the week and choose a couple of programmes which you wouldn’t normally watch. If you like them tell all your friends.

Get out and about

You don’t have to take a mountaineering course. Just a stroll around the park is a start. The important thing is to get out in nature. Nature and exercise are a great antidepressant and will lift your mood.

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