Therapy for Social Anxiety Problems

Symptoms and Problems 

One of the most common forms of anxiety conditions I treat is social anxiety.

This can affect anyone at any time, causing problems with everyday situations, from going shopping to talking to people over the phone.

People with social anxiety can isolate themselves from best friends and family, causing problems both in the home and in the workplace.

Plenty of people with social anxiety may experience a number of troublesome situations such as speaking to people, eating or drinking in public, and out shopping to list just a few.

They could also naturally shy away from situations in which they fear they will be criticised or found inadequate.

Low self-esteem and feelings of insecurity are common with social anxiety sufferers which, can create relationship issues.

Left untreated, the levels of anxiety and fear may generalise and increase until the person starts with panic and anxiety attacks.

The stress of continuing social phobia can lead to mental health issues such as depression.  Some people might self-medicate with alcohol or other substances to get away from the feelings of anxiousness.

If the problem worsens, the fears can be self-fulfilling, as relationships start to break down and daily life becomes ever more difficult.

Treatment for Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be surprisingly debilitating.  However, there are ways in which it can usually be treated with hypnotherapy and BWRT®; a powerful therapy which can treat social anxiety fast and effectively.

Hypnotherapy works by helping a person to change their beliefs and feelings about past events. It can also boost levels of self confidence and control.

Therapy can help turn back the spiral of social phobia.  Symptoms like panic attacks and anxiety become things of the past, helping the person resume a normal life, often after only a few sessions.

During and after therapy, the person can begin to see positive changes in quite a few areas of their life, for example, being able to communicate with others without difficulty and by regaining power over their thoughts and attitude towards life.

Relationships, social gatherings, and general daily life would no longer be a problem in their lives, and they are likely to actually feel a sense of confidence and increased self worth.

Social anxiety is a very common problem and can make the lives of sufferers very difficult in both personal and work life.  The good news is that it can be treated fairly quickly and with ease.  I’ve treated many people successfully in my practice in Sheffield over the years with social anxiety.  Following therapy, they have gone on to lead happier and more fulfilled lives with a calmer approach to life generally and increased confidence.

Karen April Mills
Hypnotherapy in Sheffield

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