Powerful food cravings don’t stand a chance against modern hypnotherapy.

For quite a few people who are trying to lose weight or who are finding it difficult, food cravings can be a large part of the problem.  Food cravings are acute feelings that can drive people to eat large amounts of foods that they need to avoid.

Studies have shown that the foods that people mostly crave are things like chocolate, biscuits, desserts, sugary snacks and sweets.  These foods have very few nutritional benefits.

There are several reasons why you might crave foods.

If a person has low serotonin levels or the manufacture of endorphins are not controlled, then it is recognised that our thought processes and emotional behaviour may be affected.  Hypnotherapy can help to control this, and alters the specific area of the brain that is conditioned to look for food.

Certain foods that are easily available, well marketed and frequently low cost, are often bad for our health.  Weight problems and other health problems can develop from eating too many foods high in sugar and unhealthy fats, including high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and diabetes.  Hypnotherapy can alleviate these potentially harmful cravings and decrease these risks to your health.

Some food items such as chocolate contain an amino acid (called phenylethylamine), which is responsible for the release of endorphins which make us happy and relaxed.  Eating chocolate can therefore make us feel good.  When we devour chocolate then begin to feel good and relaxed, a connection develops with chocolate and the feelings of euphoria.  We can then learn to crave this feeling and consequently chocolate, especially if we feel worried or stressed.  Hypnotherapy can break this connection and can give you a new link to a healthy and beneficial alternative, such as a workout that releases endorphins in a natural way.

The body can also begin to crave other ingredients of the food, for instance salt and iron, too much of which can again be harmful.  A craving may also indicate a nutritional need in the body, but when the messages become misdirected we can crave the wrong types of foods.  For instance, during pregnancy a woman experiences cravings as the body requires certain supplemental nutrients during that time.  For example, iron may be required if there is a yearning for red meat as it contains a large amount.  For most of us though, eating too much and being overweight could potentially cause numerous health problems.

Hypnotherapy can be an extremely effective and fast way to help stop food cravings.

Imagine regaining control over your eating habits so you are free to enjoy a new, slimmer you with a healthier lifestyle that you can maintain long term.  Now wouldn’t that feel good?


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