Help with Panic and Anxiety Attacks

So many people suffer with panic and anxiety attacks.  They can be very frightening and some people can get pains in the chest and feel breathless. Panic and anxiety  attacks can have many causes and sometimes they are not obvious.  Studies suggest that long term stress can bring on anxiety and panic attacks, as well as stressful or difficult times at home or work.  However, it may also happen without any reason at all, out of the blue. It is thought that a panic attack is brought on by the body’s own fight, flight, freeze response, where adrenaline is released, preparing the body to protect itself in a threatening situation.

Living with panic and anxiety attacks can cause further problems in addition to the attack itself such as worry about it happening when they go out.  Many people can then begin to avoid or restrict where they go as they don’t want to risk feeling anxious and panicky.  Sadly some people even confine themselves to their house. When the worry and panic becomes an ongoing problem, it can cause even more anxiety and panic which, often leads to a lack of confidence and sometimes depression.  An anxiety attack itself can be very frightening to a person experiencing it and upsetting for other people around them as well.  Throughout their lifetime approximately 10% of people could have an anxiety attack of some kind.  For a person living with an anxiety problem, they can have attacks fairly often, causing huge problems in their life.

Prescription medication is the main treatment from a medical doctor.  Medication may help with the symptoms, whereas hypnotherapy works to remove the cause. Hypnotherapy for panic and anxiety can help to make positive changes by reprogramming the thought processes of the subconscious mind.  The main causes for panic and anxiety attacks can be managed and for many people, removed altogether. Hypnotherapy can be a very effective alternative option to conventional treatment. The subconscious mind is very powerful and changes made at this level are typically long lasting.

In my 12 years of experience, I’ve found Hypnotherapy can be incredibly effective for clients who come to see me with anxiety and panic attacks, and can be treated quite quickly in many cases.  During sessions, I teach the client new methods to relax, identify and remove triggers that cause anxiety and panic and resolve problems which cause anxiety or worry.  The end goal is to avoid any recurrence of anxiety and panic attacks in the future.

Karen April Mills
Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Supervisor and BWRT Registered Practitioner



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