Obesity and Ill health has been talked about in the media for a long time, but have you truly considered the damage your excess weight is doing to your health?  In this article I want to help you recognise some of the risks associated with obesity.

The problems with sugar

A study by the University of Texas has found that eating a lot of sugar could increase the risk of breast cancer. Professor Lorenzo Cohen says that in the US people are now eating over 100 pounds of sugar a year and this is leading to epidemic rates of obesity, heart disease and cancer.

If you want to know more about the science than you can read here


Stay Slim reduce your cancer risk

Staying slim is really important if you want to reduce your risk of cancer. There is now a lot of evidence that being overweight can cause many different forms of this disease.  Here are some facts and figures


The reasons for this link between cancer and obesity are complicated and differ from cancer to cancer, but the common link is that fat cells produce hormones which encourage tumour growth.

Cancer Research UK report that one in 20 cancers in the United Kingdom are linked to weight and being overweight. That is 17,000 cancers a year and this number is likely to continue to rise as people continue to get fatter and fatter.

Weightloss worth it for women’s health

Carrying too much fat around the middle, too much belly fat is especially dangerous. So if you are developing an ‘apple shape’ then it is time to do something about it.

More and more evidence is coming to light that obesity is a lifetime risk for developing cancer. There is now strong evidence that being overweight increases women’s chances of developing breast cancer after they have reached menopause. And children are not immune either, being overweight in childhood has bad consequences throughout life.

Keep it in the family and lose weight together

This is all very bad news but the answer is in our hands. We are getting fatter because we eat more and move less. We cannot only do something about this, we can do it quite easily.

And it is never too early to start to protect ourselves and our children. Cancer Research UK also says that there is evidence that children who are obese have a higher risk of developing some cancers later in life.

So it’s time to get the whole family eating healthily and taking some exercise. It’s easier to develop good healthy routines if the whole family are singing from the same music as well.

Fat children are likely to turn into fat adults and suffer poor health as a result. So let’s protect our children and start building healthy families.

Think about this at the next family meal. Why not try making those portions smaller, get the sugary drinks off the table and ditch the puddings? Your children will thank you for it in later life

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