Self hypnosis is a great way to help you with your weight loss journey.  It’s easy to learn so why not teach yourself. It’s simple, and it can transform how you think and feel. Being relaxed and focused on your goal can work wonders.

The technique of self hypnosis

Just follow these simple steps.

Take yourself to a quiet place where you know you will not be disturbed and tell yourself that you have 20 minutes to work on helping yourself.

Step One relax your muscles

Get comfortable, then starting with your feet and working your way to your head, tense and relax all the muscle groups in your body one by one. If after tensing and relaxing a certain muscle group it still feels tense do it again.

Step Two breathe

Breathe deeply hold let go

Repeat the process

Say to yourself ‘I am 2 times as relaxed’

Repeat the process

Say to yourself ‘I am more relaxed still’

Breathe normally

Focus on your breathing

Feel the air going down

Do this 10 times

Each time say – ‘deeply relaxed’

Step three clear your mind

Notice the random thoughts in your mind

Acknowledge each thought as it appears in front of you

Say to the thought ‘come back later’

Let it drift away watch it get smaller and smaller

Repeat with next thought that comes

Continue until the thoughts slow down

Let your subconscious take over (you may hear or see a kaleidoscope of images)

Step four visualise

Take yourself to a favourite safe place – perhaps a walk through woodland, a meadow or a lovely beach you choose. Whatever you choose will be just right for you. Settle down there and enjoy your time with yourself – this is time just for you

Step five self esteem

Visualise a mirror

See yourself looking into a mirror; see your reflection looking back at you


  • Your image changing to the you you want to be

  • Make that image as clear and as brightly coloured as you can

  • Turn from the mirror and see all the bad foods you used to eat in a heap – it is horrible. Watch as that heap begins to disintegrate, focus on it and make sure every bit of it disappears

  • Look to another part of the picture and see all the healthier foods you now like to eat. As you look at them they become brighter and even more attractive

Step six return

When you know that you have seen that image as strongly as you can today

Look back into the mirror and see the new you as vividly and bright as you can

Say ‘see you soon’

Turn away and walk back to your safe place

Step seven

Wake…stretch. . .enjoy the feeling

Practice this self hypnosis method daily and you will notice that you remain firmly focused on your goal.  If you would like some professional help with losing weight then do get in touch with me or find a good local hypnotherapist near to you who specialises in weight loss.



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