Sheffield residents find hypnosis highly effective for overcoming many different problems it seems.

After opening my hypnotherapy practice in the Sheffield area back in 2006, I was surprised by how many clients I saw with anxiety problems, far more than I expected.  A lot of my initial clients seemed to present with anxiety related difficulties, like travelling fears, panic attacks and feeling anxious when giving work presentations.

The fact that I was seeing so much anxiety within my clientele led to me giving some thought to possible local aspects that might be causing it.  My chats with other hypnotherapists from different areas revealed that it was more or less the norm.  It would appear that in general, UK hypnotherapists see clients with anxiety in around the same percentages.

I also discovered that my work with weight loss clients went down very well with the people in Sheffield.  It could be the strength of my hypnosis sessions or simply the results of using hypnotherapy for weight management that excited the locals in Sheffield.  Something has without doubt caused the rise in locals arranging sessions with me.

Remarkably, I imagined that because my practice is in the Sheffield area that I would only be drawing clients from my local city.  However, as time has gone by I get even more clients from other areas, such as Chesterfield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Worksop and beyond.

The power of hypnosis is such, that over my professional career I have worked successfully with problems like:

Stopping Smoking

Pain relief



Trauma (PTSD)

Relationship problems, such as jealousy and getting over a relationship.

Anger issues

Panic attacks

Presentation nerves

Low self esteem and Confidence

Exam nerves

Phobia of flying, swimming, closed spaces and feeling trapped (to mention only a few)

These are simply the tip of the iceberg.

I like to think that by helping local residents to overcome these unwanted problems, I have helped to make Sheffield a little bit happier.

Whilst the Sheffield locals have these difficulties, they seem to be getting on with their daily lives in spite of the issues in their lives which, I think must be quite hard. The people of Sheffield seem very good at hiding their problems as many seem to be happy and relaxed.  One thing you can take from this is that there are plenty of others around you who are suffering in silence.

Hypnosis can have a positive influence on the negative conditioning that we all receive in our lives, from the minute we are brought into this world until the present day.  When the negative conditioning is taken away, changed or simply just understood, it makes a major impact on the problems.  Whether you live in Sheffield or Timbuktu it makes no difference.

Does it sound as though hypnotherapy could help you?  If you feel it might and you live in or near Sheffield, why not contact me and we can talk about it.

*Karen April Mills has worked in the Sheffield area for nearly 12 years as a specialist hypnotherapist and 4 years as a BWRT therapy practitioner.

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