Why not use hypnosis to get your weight under control in 2019?  Many clients who choose to opt for hypnotherapy to ditch the unwanted fat have often tried many fad diets, pills, potions … and failed.  Obesity and over eating are now widespread and this causes huge problems emotionally as well as physically.

Fad and Crash Diets Reduce Your Metabolism

You can find a host of so-called diets that are advertised online and in the media.  Sadly, several stretch the truth about weight loss and appetite suppression. They usually sound quick and easy but in fact they rarely do more than reduce calories in some way.  What fad and crash diets don’t usually tell you is they reduce your body’s metabolism, so you need far less calories to maintain your weight loss.  This suppression can last from anything up to 6 years and the hormones that change within the body as a result of dieting make it ever harder to slim down and keep it off.

Hypnosis Can Help you to Banish Unhelpful Behaviours and Beliefs

The primary goal of a hypnotherapist is usually focused around changing unhelpful behaviours and beliefs about food.  Common problems that overweight people face are habitual.  For example, people say things like;  I snack on junk food because I am bored.  When I’m travelling away on business I just grab junk foods when I can. I just can’t stop eating at mealtimes and stuff myself to the point of feeling ill.  When I feel lonely I eat for comfort because I’m fed up.  The list goes on, but whatever your problem areas are, they can be dealt with once and for all.

Look Forward to a Healthier Lifestyle and a New Slimmer, Confident You

When these problems that are keeping you overweight have been worked through, you can look forward to a healthier lifestyle.  For instance, you can eat healthier foods in smaller amounts at mealtimes and feel satisfied.  Imagine feeling proud and in control as you happily refuse sugary and junk foods and choose healthier alternatives. You can have more energy and move around more (dare I say, enjoy exercise!).  Imagine rejoicing in the feeling that you are losing weight at a steady pace until you reach your desired weight – for good.  A hypnotherapist will work with you to achieve a healthy weight loss which, is anything between 1 and 3 pounds a week.

Hypnosis can be hugely successful in helping you to reach a healthier weight and lifestyle by changing your mindset towards food on many different levels.  A hypnotherapist will also work on boosting your confidence and self-esteem which, is often lacking in people who are overweight. You can wave goodbye to the endless battle that most fad and crash diets create.  Imagine how wonderful that will feel!

Written by Karen April Mills
Hypnotherapist in Sheffield




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