Carry on looking after yourself

Looking after your wellbeing after we have ended our hypnotherapy sessions is very important.  Usually I see clients for between 2 and 6 sessions, but this very much depends on how quickly progress is made and what brought them to see me in the first place.  Nearly all my clients ask this question as their sessions are drawing to an end. What do I do now? How do I make sure I do not slip backwards?

I always give a shout of congratulation when I hear this. It shows that my client has understood that they are in charge and they can take responsibility for their wellbeing.

You may be wondering about how to take care of your wellbeing too. Perhaps you have got some help for your problem before and it seemed to get better, but then you found yourself back in the same old patterns.

A good hypnotherapist should be aware of this. It is a good idea to talk to your hypnotherapist about this even before you start. After all, it is no good stopping smoking or eating less when you are seeing your hypnotherapist and then going back to the old ways when you stop. So ask your hypnotherapist what they suggest to help you stay successful and on track when you are no longer seeing them.

I usually say this to my clients

Hypnotherapy can completely change the way you think and react and often you will just know this is true. Don’t lose confidence in yourself; you made these changes and enjoy them. Then I suggest you take a close look at exactly what you are doing now you have changed. Pay attention to yourself and then work out how you can continue to do what you are doing which is so successful.

Value yourself and make time for yourself. If you have a series of sessions with a hypnotherapist, then you will have found some techniques and tools which your hypnotherapist thought they were especially valuable. Talk to your hypnotherapist about how you can use these in your future life.

It is a good idea to get into the habit of looking after yourself mentally every day. Make a promise that you will do this for yourself for the rest of your life. Then you can use that time to listen to a hypnosis download from your therapist, to practise self-hypnosis or to explore some related techniques to find what really works for you at this time. And what suits you will change over time so prepare to be flexible.

I also tell my clients that they are welcome to return to see me at anytime in the future if they want to.  Quite a few do too even though it may be for something completely different.

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