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As a clinical hypnotherapist in Sheffield I am here to help you overcome your problems.

“An episode of acute vertigo had left me with a number of problems, which were greatly affecting day-to-day living. I wasn’t sure what to expect concerning BWRT, but it turned out, in my case, to be extremely effective – with positive results. The therapy also eliminated fear of certain tasks, such as descending steps/stairs. Therefore, in my opinion value for money was definitely better than expected. Furthermore, the service provided and the quality of service were exceptional – I have no doubts about that! Fantastic results from Karen April Mills – who is not only qualified, very knowledgeable and professional, but has a lovely personality and displays great empathy. I always looked forward to my BWRT sessions with Karen, and left feeling hugely positive” 15th October 2018



“Karen is amazing! After my first session I felt so much better and feel like a new person after my second session! Two sessions were all it took to get rid of a phobia I have had for 14 years!” 21st February 2018



“After suffering from anxiety for many years, I decided to do something about it. I came across Karen on google and booked myself in for a session.
Karen targeted on my anxiety and panic attacks. I instantly felt more relaxed and in control of my feelings. I no long suffer from panic attacks and the electric shock feeling my anxiety would cause in my body.
Karen is welcoming and friendly.
I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs support”. 20th December 2017



“I recently had hypnotherapy with Karen to help with my anxiety, something I have experienced for most of my life. I felt nervous before the session but Karen was very thorough in discussing the best way forward to deal with my symptoms. The sessions were very relaxing and I can honestly say that I felt a big improvement after my first one. I would highly recommend Karen as I feel she is both very professional and dedicated to making a positive contribution to the wellbeing of her clients.” 26th September 2017



“As a fellow therapist down in Cornwall I have known Karen for about five years and during that time I have occassionally called Karen to sound out ideas or to share and discuss views or even seek an alternative point of view. I always found Karen to be very freindly and helpful and totally professional. I hold karen in the very highest regard as a fellow hypnotherapist and BWRT practitioner and would have no hesitation in reccomending Karens therapy services to potential clients in the Shefflield area Trevor Wales. Hypnotherapy, BWRT practitioner and Chamber of Commerce member based in St Austell Cornwall.” 5th April 2017

Trevor Wales


“I recently contacted Karen to help me understand and hopefully manage an increasingly frustrating claustrophobia/anxiety issue that was beginning to impact my daily life. Our session was both positive and extremely enjoyable, exploring potential triggers and affects over a period of 3 years. I left feeling extremely positive and can report that In the following weeks have successfully managed situations that I would previously have been concerned about. Thank you.” 25th April 2017

Richard Westoby


“Karen is great she put me at ease before we even met. I went for hypnoband therapy and still it’s working. My first appointment was Aug this year and I’ve lost a stone. As she says it’s not a race and I don’t feel I have to loose quickly like I used too. I still have my moments as we all do but now I listen to my body I can’t eat like I used to but I still eat what I want. Thank you Karen luv Angela from sheffield” 1st November 2016



“Went to see Karen to help me with my anxiety around my relationship and an upcoming interview. I was very sceptical S810EJ at first as I had been dealing with my problems for the past 10 years. All I can say is WOW! Amazing therapy! Karen used BWRT with me on two occasions and I can honestly say it has worked and helped me so much. If you are having issues around anxiety I can highly recommend seeing Karen to help you with your issues, Karen a lovely lady and very easy to talk to. She has truely helped me out and it’s changed my life. Well worth the money! Thanks again Karen regards Rachel M” 24th January 2017

Rachel M


I stumbled across Karen by accident whilst researching about the hypnoband therapy online. I must say I am very glad I did.
What a lovely warm friendly person Karen is, she puts you at ease right from the start. Before the treatment begins, Karen explains everything that the hypnoband therapy involves.
I went in to the whole thing with an open mind, as I have never undergone hypnotherapy before. I found the treatment very relaxing and most of all very effective! It really does work! After all four sessions, I had lost a total of a stone. It’s not all one sided on Karen’s part, it isn’t a magic wand that does all the work for you. You have to be 100% committed and put in the work yourself if you want to change.

Karen gives you the hypnosis sessions on CD to listen to on a daily basis in between the therapy just to keep the motivation going. I still listen to them now.

I would highly recommend Karen April Mills for any hypnotherapy treatment that she gives, she really does genuinely care!

Outstanding!! 14th March 2016



I visited Karen for my facial blushing anxiety – I have suffered from facial blushing for around 8 years and even tho this has improved throughout the years I still suffer from anxiety in situations where I would usually blush. Karen was so friendly and such a lovely lady but was also very professional and made me feel so at ease. We did the BWRT method and for me it worked wonders – I visited Karen twice altogether and can honestly say my anxiety has improved unbelievably. I cannot thank Karen enough – she’s such a lovely lady who is amazing at her profession – 5 Aug 2015

Katie Whitaker

I went for a stop smoking session 3 years ago. I stopped smoking that day, after one session, and I am still a non smoker today. I had smoked roll ups for over 20 years and had tried all other types of smoking cessation aids, some prescribed by the doctor and some not. Tablets, nasal sprays, gum, group sessions, everything. My visit to Karen was a last ditch attempt at stopping and it worked for me. Thankyou – 31 Oct 2015

Mr Holmes

I visited Karen to help with my weight the hypnoband was brilliant I have lost a stone in 5 weeks better than any slimming club I have previously attended. She is a great person and puts you at total ease money well spent. Julie Fretwell – 8 Apr 2015

Julie Fretwell

Well all I can say is karen saved my life. I was going through a bad time and couldn’t see anyway out. I tried hypno with someone else and it didn’t work, I paid for cbt counciling Ive been waiting for 4 month on the nhs for it too. I came across Karen n it just felt right she’s got qualifications in everything that helps along with the hypno. Not only is she good but she’s really caring n that for me helped alot. Dont ask me how it worked but it did, n I’m bck to loving life with no worries. And the bad days are easy to cope with. I could go on all day saying how good she is but il keep it short, anyone who’s thinking of trying hypno use karen it will be the best decision of your life, it’s also peace of mind to know if I ever have a problem again it can be sorted. And I can’t wait to stop biting my nails too haha…….. Paul z. Paul Christopher Zalesny – 26 Mar 2015

Paul Christopher Zalesny

After years of been messed around by the NHS I finally decided after recommendation to try hypnotherapy, after a few calls and emails Karen put a plan in place, while our first session didn’t gain the results we would have hoped for Karen tried another route, this time we gained the results we needed. Karen is friendly and very quick to put any nerves at ease, I will recommend her to anyone, a real 5 star service. Steve. Steve Newsham – 10 Oct 2014

Steve Newsham

After many attempts to give up smoking using patches, medication and e-cigs, I decided to give hypnosis a go and after a brief phone call, I decided to visit Karen. My session was 1 year and 2 days ago and I have not smoked since! While that is a massive achievement in itself, there was more to it than simply stopping smoking. Since quitting with Karens help, my life has gone from strength to strength and I soon realised that it was the therapy session that prompted a desire to embrace what life has to offer and strive for success in every aspect of life.. Not just in simply quitting the dreaded weed! Karen is a warm and friendly person who quickly puts you at ease and I would recommend her and her techniques to anybody struggling with any cognitive barriers. Neil – Sheffield – 15th March 2015

Neil - Sheffield

Karen is a wonderful hypnotherapist as well as a very lovely person as well. Kind and caring a very good listener and I would recommend karen to anyone who needs this kind of treatment. After only 3 sessions I feel back to my old self and can say that even after our first session I saw changes. I have also become a more relaxed person this is not what I needed treatment for but I can surely say it is very much welcomed I to my life as I feel like a new person with this attitude. I cant thank karen enough for what she has done. Highly recommend this lady. KT. Kaye trezise – Rotherham – 17 Feb 2015

Kaye trezise

After a nasty motor accident and finding out about my wifes affair and the subsequent divorce, and finding out also about my grandson being autistic all at around the same time, took a terrble toll on my physical and mental well being. I put on a deal of weight and unkowingly was suffering from depression and drinking a little more than was good for me, as well as taking to many pain killers. So I contacted Karen and gave an outline of my problems, she quickly worked out a plan of action with me, to help me back into life again and into the happy lane. Firstly I undertook the gastric band hypnotherapy course, and promply lost a deal of weight, so much so that I didn’t bother to weigh my self anymore, as I had to keep moving the buttons on my clothes to make them tighter. I then undertook the pain quantum therapy treatment which has eased my chronic spinal pains considerably. Then I used the drink cessation CD karen provided for me and I now do not drink any alcohol, I feel so much better for not doing so, also this means I consume much fewer calories associated with drinking and munchies. I am now still losing the pounds and the inches, my pains are far more tolerable, not drinking has improved my health in so many ways, physically and mentally, I am far happier and back to my old cheerful self once more. Every week I save a lot of money by eating less and not drinking alcohol, I estimate that over the next twelve months this will have covered Karens most reasonable charges five times over. I am now going back to see her for more advanced personal development, as I see this as an excellent investment in my self and my future life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Karen for your expertise, understanding, kindness, and big smile! Frank Plunkett – Sheffield – 13th September 2014

Frank Plunkett

I have been suffering from panic attacks for the last 6 months. I was at the end of my tether when I googled hypnotherapists and found Karen. I have had one session with Karen and I’m back to my old self. She’s worked wonders on me and I would definitely recommend her services. Thanks karen, you’re worth your weight in gold! Xx. Cora Dixon – Sheffield – 22nd May 2014

Cora Dixon

Hi my name is Russ I rang Karen as I was suffering with anxiety Karen was brilliant I was really bad at first but after 4 sessions I was back to my normal happy self. The sessions are really good value for money and last 2 hours Karen puts you at ease and after 1 session you can start to feel a difference. Karen has made a massive improvement in my well being and I will be forever grateful to her. Russell Wills – Sheffield – 21st March 2014

Russell Wills

My name is Tom I’m a 19 year old that suffered from depression. As well as this I had a fear of death which with some research found was quite common with depression. My parents were quite worried about me and one of my parents work friends gave the number of Karen and spoke well of her. The first session was assess myself and began to lift the depression. By the first session I had already noticed a difference in myself. The assurance of knowing that my thoughts and feelings were going to improve over the next few sessions was a great motivation and thought for between sessions. The DVD’s and homework for me to do and listen to was a great comfort and allowed me understand more of the condition and what to do to prevent it from happening again. Karen is a very kind, thoughtful person and I and my family are very grateful for what she has done for me. Thank you. Tom Hopkinson – Worksopp – 14th Jan 2014

Tom Hopkinson

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