Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Don’t struggle with fad diets, get help from a qualified hypnotherapist

Anyone who has tried diets and been successful in losing weight only to put it back on again will (or should) admit that it is all in the mind; that is to say that our mind controls the way we eat and the way we burn calories.

Quite often our mind gives us what we believe are very good reasons why we can feast now and diet another day! Hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight and keep the weight off! We need a permanent change in our eating patterns together with the right foods, without going hungry.  Having ‘The Munchies’, isn’t hunger but we feed ourselves!!

This can be due to several reasons; often emotional needs are not being met properly so people eat to alleviate boredom or stress or simply out of a ‘learned’ habit eat larger portions or snack on unhealthy foods. People often skip meals hoping to lose weight. However, it is extremely important to eat the correct foods on a regular basis so that blood sugar levels are kept stable.

This prevents that ‘must eat carbohydrates now!’ feeling, which is the body’s attempt to raise the blood sugar levels but which ends up overloading the body with glucose, and ensuring that more fat is stored away.

Through eating healthy nutritious foods combined with regular exercise, you can stop those habits and cravings making it far easier to control what you put in your mouth (and your body). 

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